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The wooden panels of Raclima have a well-established complete and documented management system. The company Raclima is qualified to offer wooden boards and panels that meet the needs of our customers and that, at the same time, are respectful with the environment. That’s why Raclima promotes the use of raw materials proceeding from controlled forestry, such as the chain of custody “FSC”. To comply with these premises we train our workers at all levels, so that we promote in them a greater degree of sensibility and responsibility to protect our environment.

All these values are guaranteed by the most strict regulations:

  • QUALITY CERTIFICATE: ISO 9001 2008 ES05/1171
  • CHAIN ​​OF CUSTODY CERTIFICATE Norm: FSC-STD-40-004 V2-1 Standard for Company Evaluation of FSC Controlled Wood. Certificate No. SGSCH-COC-009351/SGSCH-CW-009351

Raclima offers FSC certified products at the customers disposition, upon their request.