Wood, why not?

Increase the value of your home , improve your quality of life, change your image and, why not, renew illusions. These are basically the reasons why we decide to reform our house . In this moment, the person concerned will always look an elegant, beautiful, original and useful alternative.

This is where the wood plays a fundamental role. But why is it interesting cover the walls with wood paneling ? Now, Raclima gives us different reasons:

First, the price. The investment is relatively low in relation to different parameters: the wooden panels are much more durable and retain their beauty through the years, their maintenance is relatively easy and cheap. Being a natural material , it can have a life span equal to your house or apartment , marks and scratches can be repaired easily and cheaply, plus you do not go out of style , maintenance is very simple. Only need to wash with mild detergent and water, every two or three years.

Wood panels increase beauty, wealth and life of any room , and their design possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating , the wooden walls make a room seem larger and give a sense of continuity unmatched. The different woods can be combined with other materials, with surprising results of beautiful designs. Every piece of wood will be a unique piece, as the form trunk of each tree its own , one of a kind .

There are other reasons very advantageous about the concept of usability that makes of wood, the ideal product. It can act as insulation from noise and, in the case of some treated wood, can be used to protect against fire. Finally, remember to be careful of imitations , as they lack the beauty of genuine materials.