Wood, autumn material protagonist

Wood, for its natural beauty, its texture, its similarity in color schemes with brownish hues is, in its own merit, the material most directly linked to Autumn.

The warmth of his nature, as is the case this time of year, invites contemplation. This station is the preamble of a change. The season begins to cool but at the same time, is one of the most colorful times of the year. The shades of the trees inspire us. The burnt orange color is very fashionable for this season and looks exceptionally well, for example, whith white furniture.

It is for this reason that today, in our space, taking advantage of the September visit and the imminent coming of Fall, we suggest our “Mix” models within the “Join” collection. This product line allows generating different visual results due to the different tones featuring natural wood, and the veneers crafted overlapping.

Made with oak veneer, pauferro, limba or walnut, as mentioned earlier in this article, we suggest colors like brown, copper, ocher or brown, for their shades, are directly linked to the Fall season.

We hope to revive your inspiration after the holidays.

If you are interested in this collection or any other, you can access our online catalog http://raclima.com/pdf/raclima-is-en.pdf