Wood and design, an inseparably binomial

Wood is an universal material, deep-rooted in culture and history. Architects, designers, builders as well as craftsmen, continue using wood in a creative way to make avant-garde designs. Wood is simultaneously a universal and a unique material. No other material is as deeply rooted in the history, culture and life of the human beings all over the world as wood is, nevertheless every piece of wood is unique.

The user searches for a quiet environment, for simplicity and minimalism to calm his frayed nerves and to counteract the constant visual overload he faces. The warmth of wood and its natural beauty are ideal elements to create spaces with balance and calmness.

Architects, designers, builders and craftsmen live through the constant challenge of adapting to daily needs, always changing. With their feet in the past but with an eye towards modernity they use wood as a unique element; the colour, the texture, the flexibility, the serenity that it transmits… nothing is comparable regarding beauty and versatility.

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