Veneers, secrets and advantages of using them

Veneers are everywhere. Most of the doors, furniture, cabinets, and in general, most of the inner linings that coat the different rooms of a house or property are, as visible and decorative part, the veneer. These are sheets of wood, about 0.5 or 0.6 mm, which are extracted from the trunk of the trees.

The advantages of using veneer instead of solid wood, are endless:

– Obviously, the final product is lighter
– It allows us to cover more surface with greater equality of tone and design; and also helps our forests to be more sustainable: with less trees we can cover larger areas.

Veneer is manufactured all over the world with a huge variety of tree species; from classic hardwoods such as ebony, mahogany, rosewood,… to more unknown species, or from different places, like Ziricote, Tineo or Bilinga. Each one with its advantages and disadvantages, with its own colors and designs, more or less, used depending on the tastes and trends of different places or eras. As with people, there are no two alike.

In the case of Raclima, we choose the natural veneers of the designs of our own panels. The variety of colors and patterns, that the wood offer, and our ability to customization, make our products unique, in the world.

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