The wooden decor most innovative and avant-garde

Warmth. This word could define a space decorated with wood as one of its primary qualities, is the sheer ability to retain heat and, of course, to transmit it not only literally, but from a visual conception, emotional and introspective. Thus, using wood, as a decorative element is to ensure in a place, as we check in the picture, the existence of a room full of feelings , able to offer to our environment, a special atmosphere, distinguished and different . Therefore, the wood escapes today, of that traditional concept that hides it, showing its splendor , through a thousand forms and varieties.

Nowadays, wooden decor has evolved to such cutting edge and innovative concepts, that many of the decorative elements made ​​now provide, when we look them, a comfortable feeling , full of freshness that is transmitted through these new designs, which contribute to demystify, the unidirectional conception related to wood as uniform and monotonous.

The ductility and versatility that provides wood, shows a complete adaptability to the context and also a perfect interaction with all kinds of ambience: sober, daring , relaxing , modern style… It is precisely, this malleability and ease of processing, which allows the creation of multiple environments.

As a consecuence of its versatility, the decor takes advantage of an infinite range of tones and textures that allow, an endless range of possibilities when it comes to creating an atmosphere , with only rely on this material and also when combined with others, such as metal or glass, wooden behavior is such that it always adds value to the final decorative whole.

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