Recycled wood, Raclima collections

Recycled wood. This is the material that are made ​​some models of our collections. Specifically, we refer to the series of Join: 40′s 60×60 centímetros40′s 244×122 centímetrosCaleido y Art Dark; and Tradition: T – oo1 y T – 002, both in 240×120

Wood resources are in abundance in the entire world, however, Raclima are aware that, in some cases, forests are being destroyed faster than they are being planted, and we believe that should be done responsible use of this material. We know that wood recycling is an effective way to reuse post-consumer material.

Then you have some reasons why we think it is appropriate and recommended the use of recycled wood.

Environment and health

It is obvious that the wood recycling helps to reduce the overall quantity of waste, but also, wood waste unused, are incinerated, using large amounts of energy in the process. Therefore a saving of energy thanks to this practice.

Demand in the processing and manufacture of virgin wood is also reduced, thus reducing the destruction of natural forests.

So, the next time you think about covering walls, ceilings, furniture or doors, consider the ecological alternative of recycled wood, as in our collections.

If you want to know our collections of recycled wood can do so here