RACLIMA’s new image.

Raclima initiates its project of internationalization by the hand of the valencian designer Ximo Roca. The innovation of the products that appear in this catalogue are the result of the tandem craftsman-designer.
Ximo Roca is a designer who realized many projects, got awards and has a absolutely clear and solvent professional career.

Right next to his studio there is an old carpentry workshop which formerly was run by his maternal grandfather but the passage of time has left it half in disuse. The traditional link of the Asensio ( Ximo’s second surname) with the  woodworking would take us up to his great-grandfather who was a refinedfurnituremaker and whom his grandfather and mother followed up. Now he, being his great-grandson, goes on as a designer. If we had to look in a lineage for a practical example of the evolution of the production systems from the origins of the handicrafts up to the current design, passing through the industrial development and the post-industrialization, Ximo Roca’s family Asensio would be a paradigmatic case of evolution and adapting to new times.

The hand of the author makes that the projects have several common denominators among which possibly the most outstanding is the rigour. The rigour well understood.