Acoustic panels that separate and decorate at the same time

The needs of the day, do we try to maximize the space we have. At home, at work, in restaurants, hotels, … A good way to take advantage of the stay is using elements that can perform multiple functions simultaneously. A tangible example by which we can ascertain this really is the case of partitions or dividers:

We have a large open space, but we want, using it for several activities in the case of a public place; or creating multiple environments in the case of home. For both cases, we have two options: or we make a work and we build walls (either plasterboard, plaster, etc..) Or separated with screens. The first case is a cost of labor and time. In the second case, it is a resource, often inelegant. Furthermore, in this case, we must add another drawback, acoustics.

Well, there is a third option that reaches all the above needs: separate atmospheres, decorate spaces and soundproof rooms. I’m talking about wooden panel veneered or MDF combined with fabrics that perform an acoustic function.

In the attached picture, I suggest some ideas, if so could be of your interest.

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