Natural materials such as wood, trend in interior design.

The experience observed in recent exhibitions and fairs indicates that interior designs re-directed to the use of rustic wood furniture and accessories. This resource is being exponentially the most used, to get a cozy and intimate space in homes . Artificial styles are out , giving way to more comfortable and relaxing spaces. The wood brings a climate and natural environment , compensating for any excessive use of cool tones.

Alluding to current trends , the design seeks to create a rustic wooden appearance, evoking feelings of serenity and relaxation. Designers look to mother nature their source of inspiration.

The wood at home

Simple ideas like making accessories with pieces of unfinished wood are increasingly popular. The choice of wood for making the kitchen begins to emerge as the material to be used in place of granite.

As the trend of using rustic wood continues to grow , so does the popularity of furniture and home using recycled wood . Reclaimed wood furniture without paint finishes add warmth and texture to the rooms.

And, the wood is alive , and ages with yourself , so that the more time passes, the more beautiful is the effect produced .

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