Interior linings which create the illusion of wider spaces

The inner linings of the walls and ceilings are crucial to the final result of an interior design project. Although not all the areas are spacious, some factors allow you to create the illusion that the room in question, has more space than it actually has. Always starting from ideas with wooden panels, you have a couple of tips on how to coat the interior walls:

1. Wooden walls. The “interior wood paneling” placed in “not very spacious rooms” make it appear that are larger and give a feeling of incomparable continuity.

2. Use low contrast colors. The predominant colors are an “essential factor”. The ideal would be that all the colors used were similar and possess low contrast. The light colors are very useful when creating a broadening effect. The dark, however, provide an illusion of reduction.

3. Geometrical figures. Geometric shapes are a good choice for walls. These forms have a lengthening effect. The eye perceives space as a long or high zone.

4. No obstruct the view.  Try to choose the furniture thinking how could they restrict the view. The recommended for chairs would be that they were high and that their legs were fine enough so that the person could see between them. Similarly, if separators are used you should be able to see through them, so that the division function is obtained, but don’t limited panning.

Following these criteria, we leave our proposals with wooden boards, in the illustration accompanying text.

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