Five tips for applying wood paneling on walls

Elegant, cozy and bright . The wooden paneling are, a very interesting and original resource when you are decorating a space. Gives the room in question, great personality and brings warmth to any home. In any case, when using wooden panels to cover a wall or ceiling , it should take into account a number of tips:

– the usual thickness for vertical cladding is 16 mm. These wooden panels are large and,  with a less  thickness than this, it is possible that the piece get arched. This thickness is used to prevent bending.

– to avoid this circumstance, it is advisable to add a backdraft of any type of wood to stabilize , with a varnish unfinished background for counterbalancing (if the pore is left open, air enters and if the other side is varnished, the board bens)

– it is recommended, when installing the panels, don’t support them slant on the wall, because of the arching. They must be always on the floor, separated by sticks.

– In case the board has a base in poplar plywood, is interesting not edging the board to appreciate the different veneers

– For panels with rusticated effect ( Tradition), the surface hardness of this material, allows its use for high traffic areas, such as hotels, restaurants , community halls , elevators, etc … This a wooden antique effect so, that more worn is the wood, nicer is the outcome.

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