Finishings on wood, depending on your style

Give a special touch to your project. Going from doing a good job, to do a brilliant job. This is the goal we set professionals who work in the world of construction, architecture and interior design. But this result does not occur by coincidence, are the small details that make the difference. In the case of wood, the varnish selected, depending on the type of surface, is what will make, your project, more or less attractive.

So, from Raclima, we wanted to highlight some types of varnish so, our experience could guide you, somehow, when you decide:

Gloss: este tipo de barniz suele ser empleado para muebles más elaborados, de alta gama. Is historically associated with high quality, glamor and sophistication.

Satin: this is the most standardized varnish. Is usually applied in a housing interior doors

Matt: This type of finishes are gaining prominence in the taste of the users, and is usually selected by architects and interior designers.

Nature: I wanted to include this finish with the rest because, despite not being a varnish itself is a compound created by Raclima that, gives wood, a more authentic and natural touch.

Finally, note that, Raclima can offer its customers, their finished products with the above options or, if you prefer, unfinished.

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