Customize your wooden panels

Customize your wooden panels. This is one of the many advantages that we offer from Raclima now .

The experience of our Design Department, together with the Raclima’s flexibility and adaptability to all types of projects , enable our customers to choose any venner, from our wide range of products, and adapt it to the collection that most like it.

Enjoy the characteristics of the artisanally aging wood which gives us the ” Tradition” collection in the “Essential” products . Apply the milling of our “Facet “ on any venner of the world. Embed Swarovski crystals from our “Luxe” over whichever wood you can imagine. Even better. Bring you your own model. For this latest collection , our customers could propose a geometric shape, and this idea can be reflected on the wood, through the drawings that trace the Swarovski stones

With regard to our “Join” , it could perfectly fit with “Luxe ” by embedding Swarovski crystals melting at the vertices of the various veneers. In addition , our customers can choose to combine wood and hue thereof: lighter or darker, and our experts through prior selection of veneers or through the tinted, can get the desired effect.

But customization lies not only in the designs. Veneer types, grades, sizes, thicknesses … For interior walls, ceilings, doors, furnitures, cabinets…

Customize your Raclima wood panel.  Consult at